Rixos Premium Dubai, UAE
Aug 8, 2022

Rixos Premium is among the top prestigious hospitality destinations in Dubai. Thanks to the RADIUS retrofitted irrigation system, which is based on moisture sensor technology, a substantial saving was immediate on water and maintenance bills, and a much greener landscape along the complex!

Jul 10, 2022

SEE INSTITUTE at SEENEXUS at the Sustainable City is the hub of sustainability education, research, and business incubation, empowering the growth of sustainable practices in the region and around the world. 

RADIUS is proud to have installed the full irrigation network for the complex along with a moisture-based triggered, Baseline smart irrigation system. Moreover, our made-in-the-USA NELSON Big Guns, along with the high-pressure rated 800 series va...

Qatar University, Doha
Nov 9, 2021

Our smart irrigation system is accurately managing the irrigation system at Qatar University through our root zone moisture sensor measurement technology. Moreover, it plays a main role in reporting back, while the data is constantly being collected by QU researchers as part of water saving analysis.

The Sustainable Homes - Dubai, UAE
Sep 15, 2021

The Smart Holiday Homes TSH allows visitors, residents, and international tourists of The Sustainable City in Dubai to experience sustainable living and enjoy Dubai with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. 

RADIUS has inst...

The Sustainable City, Dubai
Jun 7, 2021

The Sustainable City in Dubai is a living example of how to reduce our energy footprint in a hot climate and avoid environmental pollution. it extends over 114 acres and harbors more than 2000 (mostly native) trees. Despite the extremely arid climate, The Sustainable City (TSC) runs mostly on solar energy from car parks and rooftops. A flourishing and recreational farm runs the length of the city forming a “Central Green Spine” with 10 biodome greenhouses...