Since 2010, RADIUS educational and training program workshop CITWO has become by far the first choice in the Middle East & North Africa for professionals including irrigation designers & consultants, public-sector officers, Landscape & Agricultural contractors, as well as Golf courses managers and greenkeepers to develop and improve both their theoretical & practical knowledge of irrigation practices & water management.

That is how RADIUS CITWO has been incorporated as part of the program development & upgrade of professionals for various major municipalities, universities & educational institutions, public & private organizations of the region.

What makes RADIUS CITWO program stand out are experienced certified trainers from the American Irrigation Association, who come from the irrigation industry along with a rich background of the region and its unique variables.

The training courses are part of a rich syllabus of practical courses and training materials of hands-on applications including and not limited to the following list: 


 Course Code   Course Name 
 D-01 Landscape  Irrigation Designer 
 D-02 Agricultural  Irrigation Designer 
 D-03  Advanced Irrigation Designer 
 A-01  Landscape Irrigation Auditor
 A-02  Agricultural Irrigation Auditor
 E-01  Irrigation Electrician
 E-02  Smart System Water Manager
 G-01 Golf Water Manager 
 P-01  Pump Station Operator
P-02 Filtration Technician
P-03 Fertigation Technician