The Sustainable City, Dubai
Jun 7, 2021

The Sustainable City in Dubai is a living example of how to reduce our energy footprint in a hot climate and avoid environmental pollution. it extends over 114 acres and harbors more than 2000 (mostly native) trees. Despite the extremely arid climate, The Sustainable City (TSC) runs mostly on solar energy from car parks and rooftops. A flourishing and recreational farm runs the length of the city forming a “Central Green Spine” with 10 biodome greenhouses and about 1000 square meters of open land for community farming.

RADIUS performed a retrofit of the city irrigation system, installing moisture and flow sensors with live view visibility of all smart system hardware through Baseline BaseManager. The Sustainable City’s stakeholders noticed lower maintenance costs and less overall water use up to 40% which served the sustainability objective. Thanks to the new smart irrigation system sensors graphs and live alerts, operators can now ensure regular water output in landscaping practices like lawn mowing and plant watering.